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Moonlight and lightning

The night is a wonderful time to take photographs. I particularly love to take shots of the Milky Way, lightning storms, and moonlit landscapes. Moonlight is simply sunlight bounced off the gray moon and it has the same color balance

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Clouds and patchy sunlight over a salt marsh at St. Marks NWR

A few days ago Chantal and I were at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge as some dark storm clouds passed to our west.  The dark clouds formed a beautiful backdrop to the Cedar Point Trail salt marsh. The sun

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Stoney Bayou on a cool overcast winter afternoon

As my wife and I were heading out for some birding and photography on a cool overcast afternoon at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge we were greeted by a gentleman who commented that “There is nothing to see here today”.    

Beautiful Winter sunsets 2015-2016

In a previous post I wrote of the beauty of Winter sunsets at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. It is now a year later and I want to share with you some of this season’s beautiful sunsets. The images were

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A typical day at the St. Marks NWR

Today I am sharing a few images I recorded on a rather typical September day at the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge. September begins the transition to Autumn with flowers, pollinators, and slightly cooler temperatures.  The spoonbills and eagles have

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Ranger John McKenzie’s bench

One of the most popular benches at St. Marks NWR is dedicated to Ranger John McKenzie and is located near the lighthouse where it overlooks Apalachee Bay. Ranger McKenzie was beloved by the St. Marks NWR community, and his untimely

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Moonbeams over Stoney Bayou

These images of the moon, hidden by clouds and reflected in Stoney Bayou 1, were taken during the “Blue Hour” just after the sun sets.  Coincidentally, these particular images were taken on the eve of a Blue Moon. The colors

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The beautiful Caesar mushroom

In the summer these beautiful mushrooms pop up in our front yard. They are the “American Caesar’s Mushroom” Amanita jacksonii and are very close relatives of the European Caesar’s mushroom Amanita caesarea .     (click to enlarge) This unusual

The witness may approach the bench

In addition to the great wildlife St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge offers amazing landscapes and vistas. During the summer the lucky visitor may get to witness one of nature’s spectacles, a summer thunderstorm. A few days ago my wife and

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Converting your photographs to video

As a photographer I love looking at still images but I recognize many people prefer to watch a video instead. This is similar to the fact that many people prefer color movies to black and white movies. Years ago I

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