Images of the Galapagos Islands

Images by Jim Young and Chantal Blanton recorded during our years in Galapagos. Included are  images of the sea cucumber (pepino) fishery, tortoise poaching, and life in and around the Charles Darwin Research Station.

The slide film from which these images were scanned was exposed to much heat and humidity and often sat for many months in a  non air-conditioned environment before being developed so the image quality is often poor.

More information taken from or video, photo, and email archives:

Videos of our time in Galapagos (new).

The illegal pepino fishery (sea cucumbers).

The takeover and occupation of the Charles Darwin Research Station and Galapagos National Park Service.

Jim and Chantal:

Wildlife and  landscapes:

Research by Charles Darwin Research Station:

Events at the Charles Darwin Research Station:

Galapagos tortoise poaching: