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DarkTherapee and the Gimp

“DarkTherapee” is what I call my raw image development workflow and makes use of the FOSS (free and open source software) programs darktable and RawTherapee. The two programs complement each other very well and provide an incredible array of features.

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Add a label and frame to an image

Today we discuss how to use ImageMagick to add a frame and label to an image without obscuring any detail. Most the image descriptions seen on web sites are written in HTML and are lost when the images are downloaded

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Layer blended motion GIF

The above image is a motion gif of a luminous hickory nut shell showing the transition from room lighting to total darkness. This posting will explain how it was done. Background: One evening while walking through a small section of

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Annotate images with a bitmap

In my last post I discussed annotating images with text using imagemagick. This time I will show how to annotate an photographic image with a bitmap image which acts as a watermark. The watermark can contain text, corporate logos or

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Annotate images with text

Annotating your images with with text or images is a very common part of photo workflow and is often the last step before publishing. Most workflow programs like darktable and album creation applications such as jalbum will allow you to

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