Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve

The beautiful Florida Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve is managed by The Nature Conservancy and located in Bristol, Florida which is one hour west of Tallahassee in northern Liberty County.

The best way to view this beautiful preserve is to walk the Garden of Eden trail that leads you to the spectacular Alum Buff that overlooks the Apalachicola River. The bluff is 135 feet above the river and is the largest natural geological exposure in Florida.

When you arrive at the entrance to Bluffs and Ravines you are greeted by a large map of the trail. Hikers often leave natural walking sticks by the sign for others to use. There is a small display case below the sign with found items discovered on the Alum trail.

The Alum trail goes through several transition zones including open fire dominated fields. Portions of the land are being converted to longleaf pine.

The open fields give way to dense wooded sections.

Portions of the preserve lands were managed by previous owners for forestry or agriculture, and there are indications of human activities such as this old hunting blind.

The trail goes up and down the ravines and some very steep sections have been hardened to prevent erosion.

The trail is beautiful and can be quite challenging to walk. Many hikers train here before heading to the mountains. Be sure to wear good shoes and take plenty of water.

For more information about this wonderful preserve please look at the Nature Conservancy web site here.

I plan to add more images in the near future.