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Ranger John’s bench is back!

In my post of September 8, 2016 I reported Ranger John’s memorial bench had been damaged by hurricane Hermine. On a recent visit to the Refuge on I saw the bench had been repaired (or replaced). I was so used

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Ranger John’s bench damaged by hurricane Hermine

In a post of September 8, 2016 I discussed Ranger John’s memorial bench and how much it is appreciated by visitors and staff of the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge. On my first visit to the Refuge after hurricane Hermine

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Ranger John McKenzie’s bench

One of the most popular benches at St. Marks NWR is dedicated to Ranger John McKenzie and is located near the lighthouse where it overlooks Apalachee Bay. Ranger McKenzie was beloved by the St. Marks NWR community, and his untimely

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