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2016 Monarch Butterfly Festival at St. Marks NWR

The Monarch Butterfly Festival is held every year on the 4th Saturday of October. The festival is always enjoyable with many exhibits, vendors, and educational activities for the whole family. The mission of the St. Marks NWR Monarch butterfly festival

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2015 Monarch Butterfly Festival at St. Marks NWR

This year’s Monarch Butterfly Festival was a great success! The Monarchs showed up just in time and there was good food, great exhibits, and the popular monarch tagging table. We’ll start with some images of the monarch tagging and as

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Photo Journal St. Marks NWR 10/21/2015. Monarchs and Flowers

It is only a few days until the 27th annual St. Marks NWR Monarch Butterfly Festival and the Monarchs are showing up according to schedule. This journal entry features mating Monarchs on the Lighthouse Levee Trail and a photo of

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Monarch butterflies at St. Marks NWR

The annual Monarch Festival at St. Marks NWR was a success this year! There were some concerns that that the monarchs might not show in significant numbers. The monarchs  did not disappoint us and appeared on schedule for the festival

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