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The witness may approach the bench

In addition to the great wildlife St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge offers amazing landscapes and vistas. During the summer the lucky visitor may get to witness one of nature’s spectacles, a summer thunderstorm. A few days ago my wife and

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Beautiful winter sunsets

I love the sunsets of summer here in Florida, but I have to admit that winter sunsets have a very special beauty. The sunsets from December to February can be quite remarkable with their vivid red colorsĀ and unusual cloud formations.

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The overlooked Dragonfly

When people think of things to see at the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge they usually think of the lighthouse, alligators, and birds. In the fall of the year butterfly viewing is quite popular. Although very common on the refuge,

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Old tree stump

This tree stump is located on our side yard. I’ve always found it interesting and finally got around to actually taking a photo. I used a very shallow focus to blur the background so the subject would stand out. Looking

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Restoring an image from the original Star Trek TV show.

This original 35mm half frame slide shows the model of the USS Enterprise that was used in the filming of the original “Star Trek” series. The ship next to the Enterprise is the S.S. Botany Bay featured in the episode

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