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Weather plant and ice crystals in rain barrel.

We are fortunate to have a weather plant in our back yard. A glance at this amazing plant will tell us instantly if it is freezing outside. Our weather plant is a Florida anise and when the temperature drops below

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Improve terrestrial milky way photos using image stacking

Photos of the milky way are more interesting if there is some kind of terrestrial object in the foreground to indicate the location. Lighthouses make great foreground objects not only because they show the location of the photo but the

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Moonlight and lightning

The night is a wonderful time to take photographs. I particularly love to take shots of the Milky Way, lightning storms, and moonlit landscapes. Moonlight is simply sunlight bounced off the gray moon and it has the same color balance

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Ranger John’s bench is back!

In my post of September 8, 2016 I reported Ranger John’s memorial bench had been damaged by hurricane Hermine. On a recent visit to the Refuge on I saw the bench had been repaired (or replaced). I was so used

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Alligators on the move at St. Marks NWR

This is the time of year that alligators search for food, sex, and territory. In the last few weeks I have enjoyed documenting this activity. At the Picnic Pond parking area I saw a small gator lying in the dirt

Roll clouds over a Tallahassee Florida parking lot

If someone asked me where the best place is to take photographs of roll clouds I would probably not answer “In a Publix grocery store parking lot after sunset”.  However that is the place I saw and photographed my first

The supermoon of 2016

Normally I do not like to take close-up photographs of a full moon because the direct lighting make the surface very flat and dull.  Crescent moons have sideways illumination and the mountains and craters are much more distinct.   However

The Milky Way and St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Lighthouse

Summer in Florida is a great time to take beautiful cloud and storm photographs.  It also brings a chance to view our galaxy, the Milky Way, in its full glory. During Summertime in the U.S the Earth faces directly at

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