Weather plant and ice crystals in rain barrel.

We are fortunate to have a weather plant in our back yard. A glance at this amazing plant will tell us instantly if it is freezing outside.

Our weather plant is a Florida anise and when the temperature drops below freezing the leaves wilt. The first time this happened I thought the plant was dead but in a few hours it was back to normal.

Here is an early morning photo of our weather plant on a very cold morning just after New Years day 2018.

A few hours later the plant was back to normal.

We can easily see the plant from our back door or our kitchen window so it is very easy for us to see when we get up in the morning.

The Florida anise has very beautiful flowers as you can see in this image.

During the same cold spell we also found these ice crystals growing in our rain barrel.

That’s all for now, and we wish you all a very happy 2018. (although I fear it will not be very happy)


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