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Improve terrestrial milky way photos using image stacking

Photos of the milky way are more interesting if there is some kind of terrestrial object in the foreground to indicate the location. Lighthouses make great foreground objects not only because they show the location of the photo but the

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DarkTherapee and the Gimp

“DarkTherapee” is what I call my raw image development workflow and makes use of the FOSS (free and open source software) programs darktable and RawTherapee. The two programs complement each other very well and provide an incredible array of features.

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The Milky Way and St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Lighthouse

Summer in Florida is a great time to take beautiful cloud and storm photographs.  It also brings a chance to view our galaxy, the Milky Way, in its full glory. During Summertime in the U.S the Earth faces directly at

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Infrared photography at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

My first attempt at infrared photography took place at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge for a very simple reason: the sweeping landscape, clouds, and ocean could help make any photo look good. Most modern digital cameras can record infrared. To

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Moonbeams over Stoney Bayou

These images of the moon, hidden by clouds and reflected in Stoney Bayou 1, were taken during the “Blue Hour” just after the sun sets.  Coincidentally, these particular images were taken on the eve of a Blue Moon. The colors

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Converting your photographs to video

As a photographer I love looking at still images but I recognize many people prefer to watch a video instead. This is similar to the fact that many people prefer color movies to black and white movies. Years ago I

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Old tree stump

This tree stump is located on our side yard. I’ve always found it interesting and finally got around to actually taking a photo. I used a very shallow focus to blur the background so the subject would stand out. Looking

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Add a label and frame to an image

Today we discuss how to use ImageMagick to add a frame and label to an image without obscuring any detail. Most the image descriptions seen on web sites are written in HTML and are lost when the images are downloaded

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Restoring an image from the original Star Trek TV show.

This original 35mm half frame slide shows the model of the USS Enterprise that was used in the filming of the original “Star Trek” series. The ship next to the Enterprise is the S.S. Botany Bay featured in the episode

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Layer blended motion GIF

The above image is a motion gif of a luminous hickory nut shell showing the transition from room lighting to total darkness. This posting will explain how it was done. Background: One evening while walking through a small section of

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